Bill Maher Tells Trump Supporters: ‘Just Admit YOU GOT CONNED’ on Trump’s Bogus WALL Promise! [VIDEO]


Bill Maher wants Donald Trump’s supporters to acknoledge that of “all the lies he vomits on a daily basis,” the president has in fact duped them over his US-Mexico border wall campaign promise. On Friday’s Real Time, Maher said,

Just admit you got conned when you actually thought that Blob the Builder was going to erect the Eighth Wonder of the World for free and Mexico would pick up the check. C’mon man, we’ve all been there. You bought weed in the park and when you got home, it was pine needles and oregano.

Maher pointed to White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly as saying that his boss was “uninformed” during the campaign about the feasibility of the wall, and that his position has “evolved” since then—a statement that the president was reportedly furious about.

Maher then insisted that Trump supporters are adamant about having a towering, physical wall:

The problem is Trump fans don’t want a fence, or a river, or a virtual barrier, they want a fucking wall! Because a wall represents an impregnable barrier that keeps out not just Mexicans but everything that makes them feel antsy about “the old America that’s slipping away”….

Even Trump admitted that the wall was bogus when he was caught on tape with a call to Mexico’s president saying the wall is the “least important thing we are talking about.” It was always just an applause line that got out of hand.

He told Trump supporters that they really don’t “need” the wall:

The wall will not help with employment, it’s not feasible to build, and even Trump knows it’s bullshit. And if all of that isn’t enough to deter you, let me add this Trumpsters, you don’t need it, because everything that wall represents, the bigotry, the racism, the ignorance, the paranoia, is already in your heart….

Every time you vote for a child molester because the other choice is a Democrat, the Wall is there. Every time you feel rage because a voice recording says, ‘For Spanish press 2,’ the Wall is there. It’s there when you begin a Facebook post with, ‘I’m not a racist, but.’ And it’s there every time a unisex bathroom makes you hold it until you get home. It’s there when snow makes you deny global warming. And it’s there at the ballgame when two gays on the Kiss Cam make you throw up in your mouth.



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